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Guided tours, holiday programme & Co.

Guided tours for adults, extracurricular learning, creative deepening of the educational offers in the museum's educational workshop - there' s something for every interest. We are happy to plan individual offers with you, also in connection with the other exhibition areas of Heidecksburg Palace.

Education and outreach

We offer guided tours for which you can register by phone or e-mail contact. Larger groups must be divided, whereby a visit of other areas of the residential palace can be offered on a rotational basis (possibly also with a guided tour). Please contact us!

Immerse yourself in the Castle World of the two creators Manfred Kiedorf and Gerhard Bätz during a guided tour of the exhibition »Rococo en miniature« and get to know the cosmos of the two fantasy kingdoms of Dyonia and Pelaria.


Schwatzburg is chattering! Non-stop! Because time is pressing: The personal physician of His Majesty Talari III, King of the fantasy kingdom of Pelaria, has administered an elixir to the court marshal Rudolf of Schwatzburg, so that he assumes human size for a short time. Thus we learn news from the kingdoms of Pelaria and Dyonia in a rush. Court gossip abounds about the court astronomer, one-eyed gods and sorrowful princesses, but also about court poets, witty dwarves and stingy innkeepers. You can see the King of Pelaria drive up stately in his carriage or surprise him privately in the splendidly appointed bath. Dare to travel back in time to the opulent world of Rococo and discover the little stories behind the magnificent façades.

Appointment only with registration via the Tourist Information Rudolstadt under phone number: +49 3672 486-440 or e-mail:

Further information: Rudolstadt - Schiller's secret love

Duration: approx. 45 minutes

For schools, the Thuringian State Museum Heidecksburg offers guided tours and project days that are age-appropriate, activity-oriented and related to the curriculum.

The diverse themes of the exhibitions and collection areas open up numerous opportunities for linking to the Thuringian curriculum. The educational offers relate to the subjects:

  • Local history and science
  • German
  • Art
  • History
  • Music

Dialogue tour

While exploring the exhibition »Rococo en miniature« together, the pupils get to know the two creators and their cosmos of the fantasy kingdoms of Dyonia and Pelaria. Not only do the busy castles bear witness to great knowledge of courtly ceremonial and Baroque and Rococo architecture, but also to the stubbornness and inventiveness of the former GDR. Optionally, the pupils can afterwards explore the exhibition on their own with the help of discovery sheets.

Duration: approx. 30 minutes (60 minutes with discovery sheets)

Discovery tour through the fantasy kingdoms

The discovery tour through the exhibition »Rococo en miniature« in the former court kitchen is also a successful addition to a guided tour through the originally furnished ceremonial rooms. After a tour through the ceremonial rooms and a short introduction to the exhibition, the pupils receive discovery sheets with tasks for independent exploration of the presentation.

Duration: approx. 90 minutes (without ceremonial rooms approx. 30 minutes)