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Review | Kiedorfs Panopticum

In memory of Manfred Kiedorf (1936 – 2015)

Special exhibition from 14 August to 31 December 2015

Along with Gerhard Bätz, Manfred Kiedorf was one of the creators of the Castles of the Praised Island. His miniature worlds have been admired by many thousands of people at Heidecksburg Palace in Rudolstadt since 2007. In memory of the bohemian and extroverted artist, the Thuringian State Museum Heidecksburg showed a selection of his most beautiful drawings and caricatures in the Graphic Cabinet.

14 August 2015

Opening in the Porcelain Gallery with Matthias Biskupek (Rudolstadt)

21 October 2015

An Evening at Heidecksburg Palace about the absent Mr. Kiedorf

On the occasion of his birthday, friends and companions remembered Manfred Kiedorf in an informal conversation.