Thüringer Wald: hier entdecken Sie Thüringen

Myth and worship of the gods

Faith on the praised island

With the creation of their own world, Bätz and Kiedorf rose to the status of gods, who consequently also allowed themselves to be worshipped by their imaginary beings. This was soon followed by a mystification of the creation story and the emergence of an independent myth.

Religious foundation by Gruderich

At first there was only the pure worship of the gods. It was not until the itinerant preacher Gruderich Theer that a religion of its own was founded in Dyonia.

In Dyonien ist ein Wanderprediger aufgetaucht. ‚So ihr nicht werdet wie das Urholz!’ [...] Er eifert über mangelnde Achtung der Götter, fehlende Rutschlust, Vernachlässigung der alten Sprache, Verweltlichung, verlangt Kapellen, Einsiedeleien, wenigstens Hausaltäre und was noch alles. 

Letter from Kiedorf to Bätz dated 14 November 1994

This development had little influence on everyday life in the two kingdoms. However, Gruderich's Grotto - crowned by the Temple of Light - was declared a place of pilgrimage after his death. In addition, two monasteries were founded: in Dyonia for the Jonesians the monastery of Holy Hoses and in Pelaria one for the »Unshod Sisters of Holy Grude«.