Thüringer Wald: hier entdecken Sie Thüringen

The Kingdoms

Splendour and pomp in Dyonia and Pelaria

The praised island is composed of a large land mass divided in two, surrounded by water and a few small islands. Almost diagonally, the border river Dempa separates the two kingdoms. Pelaria in the Pezident and Dyonia in the Jonadent. In the centuries-old history of the kingdoms of Pelaria and Dyonia, countless kings reigned, fighting glorious battles against each other. Their worldly remains rest in the countless coffins of the Dyonian mausoleum and the Pelarian princely tomb. The tensions that flared up again and again were only settled in recent times. Queen Onide I of Dyonia and King Talari III of Pelaria established the »Golden Age« of the vaunted island. After the peace agreement, a period of enormous building activity, musical creativity and fertility no longer thought possible followed, from which the heirs to the throne Prince Olarich I of Dyonia and Princess Talophé of Pelaria originated.